Positive Energy!

Updated: Jan 22


So its been a while, and a lot has happebed.

Oh what a journey it has been these past couple months, from neck surgery to moving into our forever home!!! There are struggles and then comes the light, eventually, and the cycle continues. Always feel that something awesome is about to happen. Release positive energy into the world, so that you could become a stronger more empowered person.

How to Increase Positive Energy:

#1 Plan out personal days/an hour to take time for yourself, by yourself. I’ve read a couple inspiring books lately, that have given me an extra push in my journey.

#2 Take time to be grateful. Look at the simple things in your life: a favorite piece of art, a good meal, supportive people. Appreciate each one of these with your whole heart. Breathe. Be at peace.

#3 Surround yourself with positive people. Period. It’s not mean to cut negative people out of your life, it’s needed. Or the negative will continue to be magnified.

Just as too much ”stuff” cause more stress and anxiety, negative people do the same.



Jenkins Township, PA, USA

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