Why I’m becoming more of a minimalist.


After a 10 day trip to India, with my Master’s program, my life was forever changed. I saw how caring and giving others were who had nothing. It was such an eye opening experience, that help me to realize “stuff” really doesn’t matter. Less is more.

I returned home and got rid of so many things, this was the start of my journey towards a more simplistic lifestyle. It took me about 7 years and I’m still learning how to make life as simple as possible. It is so freeing getting rid of things and ONLY keeping those things with a purpose or that create happiness.

Questions you can ask yourself:

1. How many clothes and shoes do I really need?

2. How often do I use this item?

3. Do I have another item that could do something similar?

4. Broken item, am I going to fix this now or get rid of it?

“Stuff” can become so suffocating.

Minimalism isn’t about have nothing, but about being mindful of the things you have and the things you purchase. I save most things in my amazon cart for about a week until I’m sure I need it, and research the crap out of it to make sure it is a smart purchase. Don’t get me wrong I still have my impulse buys, that usually get returned, but it’s a continuous work in progress.



Jenkins Township, PA, USA

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