Organizing Thoughts

Take advantage of lists and visuals.


Why not keep ideas and thoughts organized instead of having more things bouncing around in your head. Have a clear mind, it helps to promote relaxation, feeling more at peace and decreases anxiety.

#1 Have an ongoing list of likes and dislikes.

Have you ever went to a restaurant feeling that you weren’t satisfied? Why not document this experience so you know for next time? I keep an ongoing list in the notes section of my phone: Crap List and Awesome list. Six months later I wouldn’t remember why I didn’t like a certain place or certain things, but if you have a list at your finger tips, no need to try to remember, it’s all right there.

#2 Have an ongoing list of negatives and positives in your life.

Get all your negatives out of your head and on to paper or keep them in your phone. Tackle each negative one at a time, in small chunks. This is a huge part of my job, helping others figure out what their negatives are and helping them to navigate through each one, in order to move on to the positives.

#3 As the negatives are being worked on, move toward positive goals.

Create a vision board of things you want to accomplish, make it fun and colorful, something you want to look at daily. Add to the board as your life changes and progresses.

...Or simply just make a list. Create a list of things that make you happy. When you are feeling upset or overwhelmed we tend to forget the positive happy things in our lives. Lists of gratitude help during difficult times.



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