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Mobile Phone


24/7 Support

The text plan can be used for:

*Specific situations in which someone wants to be held more accountable.

*In the moment stressors that you need to tell someone about but not sure who to contact.

*Getting out frustrations, and to utilize as a sound board for those inner thoughts.

NOTE: This service is not an emergency service. You can message the coach

24/7 regarding non-emergency situations, and

they will respond within 24 hours (longer on the weekends).

This plan is not to be used in place of therapy, but to support the work you have done. 

The responses you will receive are well thought out,

and offer support during the current situation.

An initial individual session is needed if you are a new client, so the coach

can gather a good foundation of information before starting.

This service is automatically included for free, if you are a

regularly scheduled weekly or biweekly client.


$50 for 1 week

$160 for 1 month

Text Therapy Plan: Service
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