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Amanda Rosentel, LCSW

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Welcome to a different kind of therapy you've NEVER experienced before, whether you've tried therapy or have never done therapy, this will be a one of a kind journey!

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There are still so many unknowns when it comes to ADHD, there is so much depth in figuring out how to function. Parents and adults struggling with ADHD symptoms, now have a place to gain more knowledge, skills and tools.

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 Services Offered

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Individual Sessions

One-on one-sessions that work towards a positive version of you.

We will dissect past and current stressors, that contribute to the negative in your life.

We will build on strengths and explore any underlying anxiety or depression.

We will develop strategies and plans to create a positive lifestyle.

You will discover how to trust yourself, and dig deeper to find what is getting in the way.

You will develop life changing skills, that you never realized you needed.

Please note that I can only provide therapy if you are located in Pennsylvania. 

Couples and Family Sessions

Build positive relationships.

The key to any type of relationship is building positive communication. Couples and families will work towards positive ways to communicate, where each person can have a voice without it turning into chaos.

​You will learn how to work together as a team, and not work against each other.

​​You will learn how to be mindful and empathetic about how the other person is feeling.

Please note I can only provide therapy if you are located in Pennsylvania. 

Life Coaching

Take your goals to the next level!

Services, other than therapy, can help you to add accountability, move from surviving to thriving and to keep a positive outlook moving forward. If you are not experiencing any mental health struggles, but could still benefit from professional support, accountability, etc., reach out and let me know in your message, that you are interested in life coaching.

These services include:

Actionable Goals

Plan setting


Thriving personally and professionally

Please note that life coaching is not therapy, and you can benefit from these services regardless of location. 

24/7 Messaging Support

It's like having a life coach in your pocket, when you need it most.

24/7 messaging support, is a way to: follow through with your goals, reach out as needed, hold yourself more accountable, extra support for upcoming events/deadlines/situations, letting out those inner negative thoughts, receive feedback. This service does not replace, and is not therapy.

Please note that this service is not therapy, and you can benefit from 24/7 support regardless of location. 

Rock in Sand

Session Payments:

Individual Therapy:


Couples and Family Therapy:


Coaching Services: 


24/7 Messaging Services:

$55 a week

$190 for a month

Limited Sliding Scale options are available.

Accepted Insurances:





If you are utilizing insurance, you will complete all scheduling and paperwork by clicking the Grow Therapy link below; this is the platform I utilize in order to take insurance. 

Services and Payment Info: Services
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