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When people think of ADHD, they think of the little hyperactive boy, who can't sit still in class. This is a huge misrepresentation.  ADHD can look like...


Substance abuse


Emotional Dysregulation

People Pleasing

Time Blindness

Executive Dysfunction

Low Self Worth 

Racing Thoughts

Highly Sensitive/Emotional





High Expectations

Black and White Thinking




When you're a parent with ADHD, it could feel like everything is crashing down around you. When you have a partner with ADHD, it might be difficult to show support. When YOU have ADHD, you might feel misunderstood and lost. And sometimes, you aren't even aware that you have ADHD.

Personally, I've been diagnosed with ADHD in my mid-30's, I was always treated for depression and anxiety. Untreated ADHD can manifest in so many different ways and can be confusing. 

I'm an ADHD certified therapist, there are many different interventions and tools that can be utilized to manage ADHD.

Simple tweaks in your day to day, can change the entire scope of your brain function. Systems can set you up for success, making things more efficient so that functioning isn't such a chore. Basic tasks such as showering, laundry and doing the dishes or making a phone call, can feel like the biggest mountain in the world. You are not alone in this, many other people deal with these things, including myself. There are things like habit stacking, body doubling, visuals and beyond that can help with the symptoms you are struggling with; I'm here to help you through it all. 

If any of the above is resonating with you, contact me to learn more. 

Helpful Tip:

Take note of your expectations, they can be setting you up for disappointment. Keep what you can control and find out how to let go of the rest. 

ADHD and Couples: Feature


I've been in my fair share of negative relationships and dealt with emotional trauma, now I can show you how to navigate your situation in an effective manner. Relationships all start with work that comes from within, in order to better the situation around you. If you are having trouble loving or thinking positive things about yourself, how are you going to handle being with someone who also has feelings to take into consideration? If you can't show up for yourself, you will eventually struggle in your relationships. 

I know the above may be difficult to hear, but feeling that way isn't permanent, it is FIXABLE. Once you start to work on yourself, communication will become easier, which is the foundation of every relationship. The goal isn't to have a perfect relationship, the goal is to truly care, understand, and work as a team. 

Helpful Tip:

Try coming up with a team name together, something silly or fun. This can help to keep you grounded in the true meaning of working together and being connected. 

ADHD and Couples: Feature
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