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"As soon as I met Amanda, I knew I could talk to her and relate. She helped me through some personal goals of “getting things done” like exercising and making time for me all while parenting. I was able to formulate a mindset when otherwise, I would not have figured to do on my own. I didn’t know how to handle all of what I was going through and dealing with at the time. Amanda guided me through how to focus on the goals I wanted to reach. I’m thankful to have taken her course!"

"Talking to family and close friends about trauma experienced in my life wasn’t cutting it for the support I needed. I’m so glad I made the decision to reach out to Amanda. She’s kind, empathetic, and has been such a guiding force for my life after trauma.  If you’re feeling the inclining inside of you that’s saying “I need help”, I would definitely recommend reaching out to Amanda."

"Amanda is the easiest person to talk to. I can talk to her and tell her whatever without being nervous of what she’ll think. While  I’ve only been seeing Amanda for a few months she’s helped me communicate to those around me in a better way. I’m a huge over thinker and she puts things in a different perspective for me to make easier decisions. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence!"

"When I first started with Amanda I didn’t really know what to expect and I was really shy. Amanda helped me to come out of my shell and talk about my problems. She helped me to realize my feelings and anxieties are valid and that I can work through and do not need to stop them all together. I have made so much progress with Amanda Rosentel and I am very grateful to have her in my life."

"Amanda has helped me so much- at first, I was a little nervous but we were able to connect so quickly. I am comfortable telling her everything. Even when I feel too tired to go to therapy, I leave feeling calm and happy. She is very sweet and she contributes to the conversation as well so it’s not awkward at all!"


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